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  • Is EVALARM really free?
    Yes, you can use the freemium version of EVALARM with up to 3 users for free. For fire departments, EVALARM is free for up to 100 users.
  • What support do you offer?
    We're happy to help you set up and run EVALARM
  • Is there a difference between EVALARM and EVALARM FIRE?
    No, there is no difference. EVALARM FIRE's communication focuses on the topic of fire protection.
  • What can I do if I need more than 3 users in one environment?"
    It's easy! Simply contact us (
  • Where can I find more information on using and configuring EVALARM?
    We make our wiki and e-learning platform available to you free of charge.
  • What support is offered with the configuration?
    By default, you get pre-configured templates that minimize the installation effort. We would be happy to configure the system according to your ideas. Just contact us.
  • Does EVALARM replace the connection at the fire brigade?
    EVALARM is an additional service. EVALARM does not replace the obligation or activation of fire alarms by a fire brigade concessionaire.
  • Is the transmission of EVALARM failsafe?
    With the EVABOX, the transmission takes place on redundant paths. EVALARM provides the service with an availability of 99.9 percent.
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